Our History

Campbell Clinic

Established in 1906

The Campbell Clinic

The Campbell Clinic, founded in 1906 by Dr. Peter Campbell, is one of the largest clinics in Southern Alberta. The Campbell Clinic currently has three locations, Campbell Clinic South, Campbell Clinic West, Campbell Clinic Coaldale with a total of 24 doctors between the sites. We have 20 GP’s and 4 specialists. The specialties are Neurology, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine/Respirology and Psychiatry.

The Campbell Clinic & CPCN

All of the Campbell Clinics are proud members of the Chinook Primary Care Network. which allows us to offer value added services to our patients in many aspects of patient care. We have multidisciplinary health care teams including Physicians, Registered nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, psychologists, as well as friendly and skilled support staff. In addition, we have on-site x-ray, pharmacy, as well as a fully integrated electronic medical record. Professional management take care of the day-to-day details so that physicians can focus on the art of medicine.

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